Snore Killer


He/She snores too loud? Very annoyed?

If you want to revenge or train him to become silent, then Snore Killer is your friend. 
Snore Killer monitor your target and detect snore any time during the night, if it caught some snores, then it will activate and start alert by playing some annoying sound.

Snore Killer Features:
- 21 alert sound e.g.  heavy machine gun, boom, thunder, rooster etc...  
- Noise level indicator.
- Customise the monitor time.
- Customise sensitive level for catching snore.
- Easy instruction.

Easy Instruction:
- Set the monitor time e.g. 5 mins
- Press Start.
- Snore Killer is monitoring, if Snore Killer caught some snore during the monitor time, then the alert will activated. Otherwise, it will automatically start the monitoring session again.